Vision Statement:

The Town of Chestertown aspires to become a welcoming community where people of different races, ethnic groups, and backgrounds interact, form friendships, and fully participate in the community’s social, educational, economic, political, and cultural life.The Town believes that acknowledging the racial inequities of our past and present and recognizing the contributions of all citizens will help build a more equitable community where all are respected and empowered to participate.The Town commits to working with a broad cross section of stakeholders to develop equal educational and economic opportunities so that all citizens can enjoy a more just, productive,and healthy community.

To read the full plan: 16 Month Plan

Chestertown Equity Advisory Committee:

About the Committee:

The Chestertown Equity Advisory Committee is a diverse group of Kent County citizens who are committed to helping make Chestertown a more equitable and inclusive place to live for people of color. Our role is to research, inform, guide and make recommendations to the Town of Chestertown as it works to enact the Chestertown Unites Against Racism 16 Month Plan.


John Queen, Chairman
Kate Livie, Secretary
Brandy Barrett
Thomas Hayman
Vic Sensenig
Ruth Shoge
Reverend Robert Brown
Jen Baker
Latoya Johnson
Bishop Ronald Fisher