Equity Advisory Committee – September 14th, 2021 Minutes

Equity Advisory Committee
Chestertown Unites against Racism
September 14th, 2021


Present: John Queen, Maegan White, Ruth C. Shoge, Vic Sensenig, Thomas Hayman Absent: Bishop Ronald Fisher, Thomas Hayman, Reverend Robert Brown, Jenn Baker, Kate  Livie, Jenn Baker

Chairmen: Meeting called to order at 7:07pm

Executive Action: Minutes from the August 10, 2021 were approved.

Executive Action: Approval of minutes July,2021

Chairman: Start Meeting 9/14/2021

Not much as happened over the last month, group gathering to discuss the future of the EAC


Not many things have happened over the last month but the group has continued outreach with  individual and organizations partnering with the initiative.

Committee Agenda:  

Arturo Jackson of the James Taylor Justice Coalition with the book club (Education Pillar) The JTJC is hosting a book club on the book “On the Courthouse Lawns” as part of the  education pillar. Arturo will be moderating book club conversations and taking different  approaches to engage people including anonymous polls to ask question that people are not  comfortable with asking in the group.

Queen, Senseig, and Shoge expressed the importance of including current and local events in the  conversation and using a modern perspective on the readings and discussion.

The event is a two-part series and will be held on zoom on September 27th and October 14th from  6:30-8:00pm. Registration is available on the website.

Plan Implementation: Education, Legislation and Unification 

Book Club w/James Taylor Remembrance Coalition (Education): Sept 27th & Oct 14th 6:30-8pm
Research Charlie Graves Uptown Club w/Historic Signage (Education) – Karen Somerville is taking charge on this project as she did with the last historic signage  project.
JEDI Training for all town volunteers will be present to the Mayor and Council in an  upcoming meeting for their approval.

Historic Video Selection upcoming: 

Seeking community ideas and resources for historical signage videos.

New Business 

The commission will be working on creating a survey to be sent to the community and members  of the EAC to generate feedback and analyze the perception of the EAC to the community.

Shoge expressed the importance of having the same questions and survey for community  members and commission members to properly analyze the feedback.

Public Comment 

No public comment

Motion at adjourn at 7:40