Equity Advisory Committee – February 9, 2021 Agenda

Equity Advisory Committee
Chestertown Unites against Racism
February 9th, 2021


Executive Action: Approval of minutes January,2021

Chairman: Start Meeting 2/9/2021
Community contact: chestertownequityadvisory@gmail.com and chestertownunites.com
Chairman: Communication/Authorization (Agenda, logo’s etc.)
Chairman: Agenda and Public comment


Chestertown Unites Website and Utube channel launched January 2021 (MLK Day)
Community Dialogue Part #1 w/Black Union of Kent County and WAC SGA
Black Churches Part #1 released February 1st, 2021
Chestertown Unites Banners ($50) Yard Signs ($20) w/donation (Unification w/ Banners, Logo and Flags)

Committee Agenda:

Washington College SGA w/Maegan White (Education Pillar w/Community Dialogue)
Washington College w/Stacy Emerald (Education Pillar w/ Diversity and Cultural trainings)

Plan Implementation: Education, Legislation and Unification

Gentrification Videos (Education Pillar w/Community Dialogue and Video Series)
Book Club w/Sherrilyn Ifill’s “On the Courthouse Lawn” (Education w/ James Taylor Remembrance Project)

Historic Video Selection upcoming:
Black Churches Part #2 (Education Pillar w/Video Series)
Community Dialogue Part #1 (Education Pillar w/ Community Dialogue)

New Business:
Black Union of Kent County w/Juneteenth (Unification)
Historic Signage (Education Pillar)
African American Stories (Education w/Video Series)

Public Comment: Agenda
Individuals or groups will be provided 2 minutes (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Must provide current address within city limits, ward of residence and council rep.
Link for public meeting must be requested by 5pm on the day of EAC meeting.

Next meeting Tuesday March 9th, 2021 7pm